Loyalty Properties

Loyalty Properties is a property investment and development company specializing in residential, commercial and mixed use developments.

Loyalty Properties employs the best property professionals to help with both planning and the design of each project. By financing the best planning solutions and designing top quality schemes, we create sustainable developments that people and businesses want and that best meet their requirements and quality standards.

Why Us?

Loyalty Properties is very demanding from suppliers with regard to the relevant guarantees and quality certificates for the materials being used in construction, therefore validating its reliability by offering clients top quality and safety assurances.

Loyalty Properties is a private company financed mostly by private equity and less by debt which allows us to act very quickly and with a low risk.

By maintaining excellent bank relationships with a number of banks who understand who we are and what we do, Loyalty Properties has the available financial resources (both equity financing and bank financing) to act quickly and can also help clients to achieve good financing on their purchase.

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